Web Responsive Design

Take your education on the go by requesting or editing a class on mobile—with all required information on one page! We’ve organized the content by making all headers of the EMS filterable when clicked. Reporting is quick and painless with in-depth information that’s easy to filter, customize and save.


Keeping you focused and productive! This is your first view on the Sweis, Inc EMS website. You will see pending requests, expenses that need your attention and a quick view calendar.

Notifications & Alerts

Taking a cue from the social media platforms we know and love, we have added in a notification bar in the EMS. On top of the update emails, users will be notified of updated requests and expenses in this area. Our already established alert system also got an upgrade! Alerts will now pop-up on the dashboard when users log in, as well as showing at the top of the request screen.


Customizable emails available to keep everyone on the same page. Artists will be emailed the event’s location and contact information. Sales and education team members will be notified of request status changes and when expenses are ready to be approved.

Alternate Location

Keeping shows and events in mind, we’ve added in the alternate location option. If there is a class or an event that will not be held in the hosting account’s location, select this option to put in the new address. Educators will see this in their emails when being asked to confirm and schedule classes.

Multi-Day Requests

Larger shows and events just got easier to book and keep organized! With two separate calendars now multi-day classes and events can be booked, as well as specifying educator in and out times.

Map Tool

Booking and organizing trainings, larger multi-educator events, and meetings just got easier. With the added map tool, you will be able to search for accounts and educators that are within a certain distance from a specific city. Simply enter in the city name and state or the account number, and listing of educators, salons and accounts are listed.

Educators Can Now Accept/deny Requests on the EMS

Educators can accept or deny a request through the EMS. Once they receive the request email they simply log in, enter the date and time of the class and click accept. This process makes it easier for the educator and education team to schedule and keep track of classes.


For questions or booking support, please contact:


Allison Campion, Education Coordinator 

Sally Van Eyck, EMS Coordinator