I keep getting the following error when I try to log into the EMS; “USERNAME NOT FOUND”.

How do I reset my password?


Why do I keep receiving requests for classes on dates I am not available?

The preferred dates don’t work with my schedule. Can I change them?

How do I know if I was requested for a class? How do I know if the class was scheduled?

My request is scheduled, and I need to change the date and/or time.


When entering a request; Why is the course not showing up available?

Why is the Educator not showing up when creating a request?


I can’t find my Expense form in the EMS;

I am having problems getting receipts to attach to expense form;

I need travel for my upcoming class. What should I do?

I have an address, phone number or email change. How do I change this information?


HELP information is located on pages and at certain points throughout the EMS.